Courier, Express and Same Day Delivery from Sameday Plc

Same Day Direct Deliveries

Special Occasions

SameDay Plc received a telephone call for the delivery of two sensitive tenders that were potentially worth millions. A lot of manpower time had been invested in the preparation of these tenders.

SameDay Plc was asked to deliver these personally “by hand” at a specified time the following day.

One was destined for New York and the other was destined for Dublin. Both were delivered as requested by a representative of SameDay Plc.

A game developer was holding a world wide launch in Tokyo and SameDay Plc was entrusted with the task of making a person to person delivery of a vital part of the new game. This was carried out with two hours notice by one of our couriers who flew out to Tokyo and delivered the part on time.


SameDay Plc was approached by a company who had 5 large items that needed to be in Switzerland within 7 days to meet the opening of a casino.

The company had already looked into this and had obtained a quotation and approached SameDay Plc who offered an alternative solution to their problem that was not only secure and safe, but reduced the transit time of the goods whilst maintaining SameDay Plc’s value added service and provided the customer with a significant cost saving.


SameDay Plc was approached to provide dedicated logistical support to the “Baggage Contract” for the Commonwealth Games that was held in Manchester 2002.

The lead time to prepare and provide resource for such a momentous occasional was less than 8 weeks. SameDay Plc’s concern was to ensure that its normal day to day operation would not be effected by the resource required to meet the demanding needs of a contract of this nature.

All staff were recruited, inducted, vetted and managed during the games, specialist vehicle obtained and modified in order to meet the needs of the athletes and their equipment and it has been documented that the Baggage Contract was one of the major successes of the Commonwealth Games.


SameDay Plc was approached to move a new ”chair” for the television program Mastermind as the old one was a little worse for wear.

The request was made and specific instruction was given that the goods must be delivered, and must arrive in tact to meet the tight schedules of a television broadcasting company. The chair was delivered intact, on time and the program was recorded, with the behind the scenes help from SameDay Plc.

Other important goods that have been delivered to meet tight schedules for programs have included: - towels for Big Brother, equipment for Celtic Football Club, personal items for Manchester United Football Team, Chinaware for The Morning Show and QVC and make up cosmetics for the TV Show, The Salon.