Courier, Express and Same Day Delivery from Sameday Plc

Same Day Direct Deliveries

Our People

All our staff are committed to providing top class levels of service to ensure your particular problem is solved.

Our drivers see themselves as a representative of the company whose goods we are moving and therefore always act with high levels of courtesy and efficiency.

The majority of our drivers have obtained their ADR licences and are fully employed. During their first year of employment all of our drivers undergo a driving assessment and advice session. This allows us to set and maintain the highest possible standards of driving for our staff.

We provide navigator software to enable our drivers to select the most appropraite route to complete each delivery and to avoid congestion and trouble spots on route..

Our office based consultants not only deal with requests effectively, but they see their role as one of problem solvers and they maintain close working relationships with our customers to ensure that the best possible solution is always delivered to them.