Courier, Express and Same Day Delivery from Sameday Plc

Same Day Direct Deliveries

Welcome to Sameday

Sameday plc now have an enviable reputation for being the logistics specialist of choice for people who need a solution for their own particular logistics problem.

It is true that Sameday plc will happily move a package from, say, Birmingham to London on the same day and do it effectively. Where we really come into our own is where your organisation is faced with a more problematic and complicated logistics scenario that requires a unique solution. The required solution is likely to be beyond the capability of most standard operators.

Not only are we expert in providing a solution, but we will do so at a highly competitive price and to the highest level of service which we have consistently maintained since we first started the Company in 1991 – and we measure and monitor our service level continually.

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What We Offer

  • We deliver 365 days a years, 24 hours a day.
  • We use modern well serviced vehicles
  • We have an active tracking system that is linked to a "state of the art" computer system.
  • All our drivers can be contacted by mobile phone during their working day
  • We can often fulfil unusual delivery or collection requests that others find difficult to cover.
  • We can provide a comprehensive ADR delivery and collection service
  • We work closely with all our customers to develop and improve the services that we offer.
  • Proof of delivery is available within minutes of the completion of each delivery

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